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This association is primarily for the Super Sea Snark (Sea Snark and Super Snark) sailors but Sunflower 3.3 sailors are also welcome. There are over half a million Super/Sea Snarks sailing worldwide making it the most sailed of any sailboat class in the world! More people have learned to sail on a Snark than any other sailboat in the world via scout and youth camps, sailing clubs, and individual owners, etc. We are an organization of Snark enthusiast promoting the sport of sailing!
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The Super Sea Snark is a lightweight lateen rigged sailboat that went into production in 1958 as an advertising gimmick for Kool cigarettes and later for Orange Crush, Pepsi, Cocacola soft drinks, Sears, and others. In the early years of production the Sea Snark could be purchased for $99 with Kool cigarette coupons, with Kool logo on the sail. The early Snarks had hulls made of expanded polystyrene (EPS - Styrofoam); later versions have a layer of ABS (plastic) over the outside of the hull and within the cockpit. Current models have a wood daggerboard and rudder, with plastic rudder housing, these items can be upgraded to plastic at funtosail.com . These boats are unsinkable and a great boat for beginners or seasoned day sailors. They are easy to car top due to their light weight and only take a couple of minutes to rig.

It is said that the number of Super Sea Snarks now built total over 600,000 boats making it the most produced and sailed sailboat in the world. Snarks were primarily built in the US but were also built in Germany at one time. Snarks are currently built through Meyers Boat Co. Certainly more people have learned to sail on a Snark than on any other sailboat that has and will be made.

In March of 2009 the International Super Sea Snark Sailing Association was started to usurp the beginning of what many believe will be the largest sailing class (numbers of boats) in the world. This organization is designed to support the Super Sea Snark as a class and in general to grow the sport of sailing.

In addition the Sunflower 3.3 Snark to a lesser extent is supported here as well. There are a lot less 3.3's (Sunflower is not a well liked name so most people call this boat the 3.3) than the Super Sea Snark produced and so it remains to be seen if this class will develop, however we do not want to leave 3.3 sailors out of our association. The 3.3 is a slightly large version of the Super  Sea Snark with an added of removable seat, plash deck, 4 more inches of beam, and 10 more square feet of sail (Carrying capacity is the same). Those that have sailed the 3.3 & Sea/Supper Snark feel there is very little difference in performance between the two, however the 3.3 is slower than the Super Sea Snark. The added sail area of the 3.3 does make it a little less stable than the Super Sea Snark but is a great boat nonetheless.

We are still seeking information on who originally designed the Sea Snark, currently it appears to be a mystery.

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